Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Garden.......Part Two

I feel like I've left my blog in suspense so I'll continue where I left off last time.

So we got the garden turfed and ended up with a nice new lawn, all full of sand where we had been told to cover the joins in the turf. It was hard to imagine that it would look nice but we persevered.

Daily watering for a few weeks and a bit of care to keep off the grass etc and we really have ended up with a very nice lawn. Lots of clover as the turf was meadow turf (and covered in sheep droppings!) but it has taken really well and it is now looking very green and healthy. We plan to have a really good go with weed killer at the end of the summer and chuck a whole load of grass seed down to see if we can tip the balance to more grass than clover!!

The patio in the corner got laid properly and has now become home to our little love seat, which was a wedding gift from some of my oldest and dearest friends.

I've also got a jasmine growing up the trellis you can see behind the bench seat :-)

I have got a little carried away with my flower beds since we finished the grass. As mentioned before, the plan was to have my herb garden plus one or two other small beds. Once the patio was done, it seemed right to put a couple of beds beside it so I got busy with digging. I had so many plants that had been given to me by my dad and I couldn't just let them go to waste. I was also talked into buying a honeysuckle as they were on offer locally. At this stage, we decided to change one of the new fence panels at the back for a trellis as the honeysuckle would need something to climb up. I will update the photo at some point to show the work we've done since :-)

Finally, the little bed at the corner of the decking and the one in the middle of the same side of the grass looked a little random as they were. So I joined them up to make a long curved bed. I must confess my buying sins again here as I nipped into town just after doing this and bought a few perennials to save myself some work later on ;-)

I really need to take a new photo of this bed actually as I seem to have *acquired* a few more plants for the bed now ;-) and it's looking a lot more colourful!!

The plan for this bed is to have plenty of smallish perennials as I don't want to have a high maintenance garden. There isn't a lot of point me trying to list what I've got in there as I have a terrible memory and I've already forgotten what most of them are! I do have some St John's Wort, a Fresia and a Peony all donated by daddy though.

There is more garden action planned in the next few months so watch this space :-D

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