Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Me and my sewing machine......

I've had my sewing machine for decades now but it's only recently that I've started to use it again. My machine is a very, VERY ancient Bernina that was left to me when my lovely Granny died. I think the machine may well be almost as old as me but it's still a great machine.

So......around 18 months ago, I suddenly got the urge to sew again (I am regularly hit with urges to do all sorts of things, it is one of the things that Gi gets most annoyed with!). I got the machine serviced and it's now taken up residence with me.

I'm still in the stages of brushing up my skills as it's been an extremely long time since I last did any sewing. I really want to make some lovely clothes for my lovely children! To date, I seem to have made a lot of very simple trousers but have now broadened my range to include some rather simple skirts! I got a little carried away last weekend though and made a gored twirly skirt for the pink child.....

This is a little selection of the stuff that I've made in the last week or so :-)

The sewing has taken on a bit of a mind of it's own lately though and I have ordered more fabric than I could shake a stick at (a popular phrase for me!) so really need to get a move on with some of these projects.

My latest patterns include a cute little dress for Hannah and I plan to make some shortie pj's for both of them. Luke seems to get stuck with a lot of shorts and crops at the moment but I can't see anyone complaining so far!

For a lot of the stuff that I'm making, I have done or will do some matching hand painted tops, but Moonbeans is another story still to come.

Oooh, I nearly forgot. We are going to a wedding in October. It's not just any old wedding either, as my lovely youngest BIL is marrying his equally lovely fiancee. I have decided to make the outfits that Luke and Hannah will wear. Patterns have been bought, it's just fabric still to be chosen. I have a few ideas of what I want but haven't seen anything yet that really grabs me. I am hoping that I'm not being too ambitious with wanting to do this but we'll see ;-)
I'll be updating my blog with new projects as they happen........after all, that's what my blog is for!

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