Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Moonbeans and More........the beginning!

I've not blogged before (is it blogged or have I not done a blog?) but I seem to have lots going on in my life and thought it might be fun to keep a journal.

My name is Sue and I live in deepest, darkest Kent. I am 39 in August (09) and mother to just turned 3 year old twins. My husband's name is Giles (39) and we also have a cat called Mouse. Yes, she really is called Mouse.......don't ask!

I run my own business from home hand painting children's wear (www.moonbeanskids.co.uk), although I am considering expanding my horizons a bit.

My other big passions of the moment are my garden (which is what inspired this blog really) and my sewing. In fact, I enjoy a lot of crafts including knitting and painting.

Giles and I have been married for 6 years this year but they have been difficult times. We are a very strong couple though so have made it through together.

My children, Luke and Hannah, are the centre of my universe (apologies for the fluff, I won't do that too much!) and although they drive me positively loopy at times, they are also incredible children.

To tell you a little about me getting to where I am now, I never thought I would get married and I certainly didn't think I would ever have children. That was so far from what I envisaged. I always thought I would be a "Lady What Lunches", swanning around in my two seater convertible, doing lunch at the tennis club and so on.

In actual fact, I met Giles in April 2001 and we moved in together that August. October 2002 we got engaged and shortly after that, I suddenly realised that I actually might want to have a baby. We got married in September 2003 and started trying for a baby shortly after that. It didn't turn out to be that easy and we ended up having IVF (with ICSI). One small miracle later and my positive pregnancy test for our only attempt resulted in the amazing news that we were having twins. I'll come back to that another time though as it's a whole new story.....

I've turned into a wannabe Earth Mother and positively surprised myself when the twins were 7 months old by deciding to use cloth nappies. This has spawned all manner of new things in my life, but again, that's another story!

I think that is enough for now. I will tell more about me as this blog goes on but for now, this will do.

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